Sex during pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy is not dangerous for the growing child. However, the physical and psychological feelings you may have during pregnancy can change the way you experience sex. For some, the frequency of sex changes after the child has arrived. For some, the time during pregnancy can be very stressful while for others pregnancy can have a positive effect on their sex life.

It is very likely that your sex life will be affected during pregnancy even if your sex life has been very good in the past. It’s important that you talk to each other so that you know how your partner feels about having sex during pregnancy.

In this article, we also answer questions related to:

  • Is it okay to have sex during pregnancy? 
  • Does libido increase or decrease during pregnancy? 
  • Can an orgasm start labor? 
  • Can sex during pregnancy lead to miscarriage?

It is not dangerous to have sex during pregnancy, neither for the woman nor for the fetus. In rare cases, orgasms may trigger contractions. The tissues in the abdomen of pregnant women and those who have recently given birth are more fragile, which makes it easier to cause bleeding. This may feel a bit strange but it is not dangerous. If, on the other hand, you experience heavy bleeding, you should always contact your doctor.

Although it’s perfectly fine to have sex during pregnancy, you may experience psychological changes that can affect your ability to have or enjoy sex. One common misconception is that the man’s penis can hit or bump into the child. In reality, there is a great distance between the man’s penis and the child, which is protected by a strong uterine wall and amniotic fluid. The mucus plug also helps to protect the baby by acting as a security guard that ensures that no bacteria or sperm enter the womb.

Many women experience increased sensations and libido during pregnancy. This is because the mucous membranes swell and the hormone levels rise and make it easier to get wet. The best period for sex during pregnancy is after the first three months when the nausea often disappears and before the woman has become too big. It can be difficult to find a good position when the stomach is in the way. Toward the end of pregnancy, it’s a good idea to be careful with hard bumps, dildos and other sex toys. Also, always maintain good hygiene.

When should I avoid sex? 

In some cases pregnant women should avoid sexual intercourse and orgasms. Examples of this include:

• You have had bleeding that cannot be explained.

• The placenta is far into the uterus, known as the present placenta.

• Your water has broken or is leaking.

Typically you do not need to avoid sex because you previously had a miscarriage. A doctor will tells you if you should avoid sex in this situation.

Five myths about sex during pregnancy 

In this section we will go through these five myths about sex during pregnancy.

• Can sex damage the fetus?

• Are pregnant women always horny?

• Should you ask your doctor about sex? 

• Can sperm start labor?

• Do pregnant women not want to have sex?

  • When can you start having sex again after giving birth?

Can sex damage the fetus?

This myth is completely false. Sex during pregnancy is completely harmless, as is getting an orgasm. There is no risk that the penis will strikes the head of the fetus / child, as the child is well protected in the fetal sack. The fetal sack is in turn filled with water and protected by the uterine wall.

Are pregnant women always horny?

Some people are more into sex during pregnancy, others less. Some are fully occupied with the pregnancy and do not think of sex at all during pregnancy. A disinterest in sex during pregnancy can also be related to fatigue, body changes, nausea or pelvic pain. Even the partner may lose the desire for sex during pregnancy, perhaps because of the situation itself, the physical change or because of the idea that there is a child inside the stomach.

Can I talk to my doctor about sex?

Your doctor or midwife will be happy to answer all your questions during pregnancy, including those concerning sex and the new family situation. If you have a question that they cannot answer, they can always refer you to the right person.

Can sperm start labor?

No, sperm cannot start labor. Perhaps this myth stems from the fact that semen contains prostaglandin, which is used in health care to soften the cervix. But prostaglandin is present in such a small amount in semen that it does not affect labor.

Do pregnant women want to have sex?

It is just as normal to desire sex during pregnancy as not. The reason why women can be extra horny during pregnancy is due, among other things, to the fact that the level of estrogen increases in the body, which can cause a swelling in the abdomen that increases desire.

When can you start having sex again after giving birth?

When you can have sex again after giving birth varies a lot between different women. Some feel the desire very soon after giving birth and want to have sex very soon, while others prefer to wait a long time. The body’s recovery takes a long time. It is important that you feel comfortable with having sex again before you start. 

When you physically can have sex after childbirth is very individual. Generally, it is said that it is okay after four to six weeks, but often it takes much longer. Many parents are too occupied with the new family member to even think about sex.

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