Pregnancy symptoms : 15 symptoms of pregnancy

There are many signs that can reveal if you are pregnant. Read through the 15 bullets below and see how many of these pregnancy symptoms you are experiencing. The more symptoms you experience, the more likely it is that you are pregnant.

Symptoms of being pregnant    

There are several symptoms that may indicate that you are pregnant. These early symptoms of pregnancy differ between different women and different pregnancies. None of the symptoms (except the last one) guarantee that you are actually pregnant. In many cases, the symptoms of early pregnancy are often the same as the signs of your monthly period.

If you are pregnant, you may notice one or several of the symptoms below. Don’t worry, the chance of having all of them at the same time is small. Likewise, if you aren’t experiencing any of these symptoms, it is still possible that you are pregnant.  Whether you experience some of these early pregnancy symptoms or none at all, the only way to determine with certainty if you are pregnant or not is to take a pregnancy test.

Here are 15 symptoms that might mean you are pregnant:

Further down the page we describe these symptoms in more detail.

  1. Missed period
  2. Tender and/or tense breasts
  3. Nausea /you feel like throwing up (especially in the morning)
  4. Change in appetite
  5. You feel tired
  6. You are more sensitive to some scents
  7. You are more emotional than normal (mood swings/cry easily)
  8. Vaginal discharge
  9. You have minor bleeding (called implantation bleeding)
  10. You have to urinate more often
  11. You have dull stomach pain
  12. You feel dizzy
  13. You are constipated or feel bloated
  14. You have an elevated body temperature
  15. Positive pregnancy test

In depth – 15 symptoms of pregnancy  

In this section you will find more information about the signs and symptoms of pregnancy. 

Missed period – this is the surest sign that you might be pregnant. You can still bleed a little even if you are pregnant.

Tender and/or tense breasts– a symptom that you are pregnant may be that your breasts are swollen or feel tender or tense. This is common during the first trimester of pregnancy. You may also notice that the nipple area is darkening or enlarging.

Nausea (especially in the morning) – not everyone feels sick, but morning sickness or nausea is generally a relatively common and early symptom of pregnancy. It often ebbs away after the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Change in appetite – for many, taste and flavors change during pregnancy. Things that you previously thought had a wonderful taste might now have a strange taste. This can affect your appetite, so you may eat more or less than before.

You feel tired – fatigue is another common symptom of pregnancy during the first few months. No one knows for sure why you get tired, but it likely has something to do with pregnancy hormones.

You are more sensitive to certain scents – during pregnancy your senses change and it is actually true that pregnant women have a more sensitive sense of smell. You may even find that you appreciate the scents you previously despised and don’t like the scents that you previously loved.

You are more emotional than normal (mood swings/cry easy) – hormones might turn your emotions upside down early on in the pregnancy. You may cry over things that you would not normally cry over and you might get angry with small things that you did not care about before.

Vaginal discharge – when you are pregnant the amount of estrogen in the body increases, which can lead to more vaginal discharge. This can last more or less throughout pregnancy.

You have minor bleeding (called implantation bleeding) – when the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall, minor bleeding may occur. This, however, usually comes a few days before your expected period.

You need to urinate more often – when you are pregnant, an increase in body fluids occurs, which can cause you to feel like you need to urinate more often.

You have dull stomach pain – another symptom of pregnancy is dull stomach pain reminiscent of the menstrual pain you are probably familiar with. This dull ache comes from the growing uterus.

You easily become dizzy – blood pressure and blood sugar may become low when you are pregnant. This might make you feel dizzy and sometimes even faint.

Constipated or bloated – when you become pregnant you can become constipated and experience excessive gas in the stomach. Even though early on your stomach won’t change in size, you may feel like you cannot button your trousers.

Elevated body temperature (basal temperature) – if you know your normal body temperature, it can reveal a pregnancy. If the temperature for several consecutive days shows the maximum value for the month (37-38 degrees) then you are probably pregnant.

Positive pregnancy test – taking a pregnancy test when you should have your period (preferable 5 days after) is the most reliable sign you are pregnant.

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